Funeral Plans


Funeral Plans help ensure that your loved ones know exactly what you would want and ensure that the finances are taken care of. At Molyneux Jones we offer bespoke plans and three set plans as detailed below.

Plan Name (particulars included as denoted) Simple Standard Traditional
Funeral Director’s Fee Yes Yes Yes
Conveyance of deceased (office hours only) Yes Yes Yes
Conveyance of deceased (24 hours) X Yes Yes
Care of deceased Yes Yes Yes
Viewing in Chapel of Rest X Yes Yes
Collection of donations X Yes Yes
Simple Coffin Yes X X
Wood Veneered Coffin X Yes X
Superior Veneered Coffin X X Yes
Solid Wood Coffin X X X
Hearse direct to Crematorium or Cemetery Yes Yes Yes
Hearse Cortege from local address to Church / Crematorium X Yes Yes
Provision of following Limousines None One Two
Contribution towards fees payable to third parties
*Includes Minister, Cremation and Statutory Medical Certificates to the value of £1100.00
Yes Yes Yes
Molyneux Jones Funeral Directors 2016 £3135 £3335 £3,735

Most funeral directors offer similar pre-paid plans.

Comparison with other plans

Most funeral plans are split into three similar packages with some minor differences.

Provider  Simple/Bronze
Molyneux Jones £3135 £3335 £3,735 £3,835
Clarabut & Plumbe (part of Dignity Group)* £3,435 £3,785 £4,185
Co-operative Group £3,295 £3,650 £3899
Golden Charter* £3,295 £3,650 £3899
Age UK £3,395 £3,745 £4,145
* Doctors fees for cremation not included

If you would like a leaflet explaining the plans in more detail or if you would like to discuss the options available please use the contact form on this website or call us on 01234 363191.

Safeguarding your investment

A funeral prepayment plan is not an investment product but a secure way of paying for a funeral in advance. The monies of our plans are held in trust by Golden Leaves Trust.

Golden Leaves Ltd is registered with the Funeral Planning Authority, the regulatory body for the sale and administration of funeral prepayment plans in the UK.


Pre-paid funeral plans are increasing in popularity for a variety of reasons:

Financial Security – plans are priced at today’s price for a funeral (plus an administration fee) and the funeral payment is held in the Funeral Planning Trust until it is needed.

Reducing assets – if there comes a time when you may need healthcare to be provided, your assets will be assessed to calculate what the state decides you are entitled to. Simply put, if you pay for your funeral in advance this is not seen as an asset and so is not considered part of your personal wealth.

Clarity – Organising your own funeral gives your family clarity about your preferences.

Bespoke plans – You choose which options you require including third party payments to the crematorium or cemetery and pay for them at today’s prices plus an administration fee of £275. The Funeral directors charges are guaranteed and the third party fees are linked to the Retail Price Index (as we cannot control these fees this the best option available).

Set plans – If you want the security of a plan but don’t want to discuss the variety of options available for funerals you could choose one of our set plans. These plans cover the agreed funeral directors products and an amount towards disbursements (third party fees include the Councils Cremation fee, Doctors fees for cremation paperwork and Church of England’s published diocesan fee).

The simple plan includes:

Professional services, administration of the funeral, collection of deceased in office hours, care of the deceased, viewing in our chapel, a simple coffin, hearse, bearers and a funeral director on the day meeting at the crematorium or cemetery plus all essential third party disbursements to include the cremation fee, doctors medical certificates for cremation and the published Church of England diocesan fee.

The standard plan includes:

Everything included in the simple plan plus a limousine on a cortege to leave from an address within a 15 mile radius of St Cuthberts Street.

The Traditional plan includes:

Everything in the simple plan plus a wood veneer coffin will have a raised lid with panelled sides, plus two limousines on a cortege to leave from an address with 15 miles of Bedford.

If you would like a leaflet explaining the plans in detail or if you would like to discuss the options available, please use the contact form indicating if you would like a leaflet or for us to come and see you at your own home.

If you would like me to provide you with a quotation, I can come out to see you at your home or make an appointment to discuss the options at my funeral home on St Cuthberts Street. I can discuss any ideas you may have and you can decide exactly what is included.